IchiBanCrafter and ExtractCrafter.com were born out of a need to find an improved way for people without access to closely held extraction industry knowledge to understand how extraction works and provide everyone with the life saving knowledge to make for themselves better, cleaner, and more reliable concentrates. You will have to be tolerant of the spelling and grammar throughout the blog as I am not a professional, or even a good writer but what I lack in writing skill I make up for with passion and dedication to the well-being of the reader.

The blog has a personal and business relationship with ExtractCraft but it’s not owned by nor an asset of ExtractCraft. The goals of this blog and ExtractCraft are aligned closely to deliver natures healing power to everyone through safe and effective extraction.

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from what is provided in posts here. If you have any questions please comment in the post or send an email to Ichibancrafter@gmail.com. You may have to make a log-in for WordPress in order to “like” a post, so if you would be so kind please log in and like the posts when you find them useful. Lastly, please share and pass the information to as many people as you can.

I stand here at this blog working very hard to provide quality and reliable information in defiance of the absolute and unrelenting tidal wave of bad information awash in every corner of the internet. The more of us that share and pass on good information the more people we can help. Please share!

Thank you for being here and I hope what’s in this website helps you tremendously.

Stay Lifted,


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  1. IchiBanCrafter, recently purchased a Source Turbo and have run a couple of extractions. Also, discovered your site and have learned a lot from it. However, I have some questions and was wondering if a) you take general inquiries and b) if this is the best place to do so? Thanks.

    1. I know the company has a user group on FB called “Extractcraft Users Group,” that might be the best place for general questions

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