Best DIY Cannabis Concentrate Smokables With The Source: Quick and Easy Instructions

Making your first cannabis concentrates for smoking can be daunting and people think it’s out of their reach to achieve something great to smoke.  I promise that anyone can make a great concentrate with this easy guide, using the Source Turbo by ExtractCraft.  The steps are easy so don’t take unnecessary shortcuts that’ll adversely effect your end product.  Are you ready to throw down?  Lets do this…….


The material you use and how it’s prepared is one of the biggest factors in how well your extraction turn out.  The vast majority of the THC, CBD, terpenes and all the stuff we’re after is on the outside surface of the plant so there’s no reason to break up the cannabis too much and defiantly don’t grind.  If the alcohol can easily flow over and around all the material that’s what’s important.

FREEZE!  For a great smokeable and vapable concentrate it’s very important to freeze the cannabis for at least 5hr and the 190-proof (95%) ethanol for 24hr.  It’s a good idea to freeze the cannabis in a ziplock bag or mason jar, so later when it’s time to combine the  cannabis and ethanol it’ll be cold and convenient.  For a closer look at why freezing is so important it’s detailed well here, Super Cooled QWET Wash for Cannabis Extraction Using Dry Ice.


Add the freezer cooled ethanol to the cannabis until it’s fully covered and the ethanol can easily flow through and around the plant material.  Allow the Ethanol to work its magic by absorbing the THC, CBD and terpenes for between 3-20 minutes.  This is called the “wash”.  The 3-20 minute range is wide but will have a large impact on the quality and yield of your final product.  If the wash is too short the yield will be limited, but if it’s too long your extract will fill with green and unwanted plant matter.  Figuring out how long the wash should be depends mostly on the material you are dealing with and what shape it is in.  If you’re using trim that is chopped up and has extensive cell wall destruction then plant matter will leak easily and a shorter wash must be used.  For flower gently broken up by hand a 20 minute wash will provide the best yield.

During the wash it’s important to agitate the ethanol to move saturated ethanol away from the cannabis and fresher ethanol in to continue its job of collecting.  Agitation is good because it can help break down the trichomes on flower for collection, but with chopped up trim it will exacerbate leaking green plant matter.  So this is another consideration that must find balance, better starting material can handle more agitation than poor starting material.

When the color and density of the wash is perfect it’s time to quickly separate the ethanol from he plant matter and stop the wash process.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 9.49.17 PM
Green on the Left is bad.   Yellow/Golden on the right is good


First the plant material and ethanol must be separated quickly to stop the ethanol’s penetration of the plant material.  If this step is prolonged as the solution and plant strain and filtermaterial warm it will lead to plant matter leaking.  Using a strainer or wire mesh coffee filters that allow a rough strain and fast flow is perfect for this step.  With the plant matter removed we move to a more filtering to remove all the small particles from the ethanol.  It’s very important to understand that the better you filter the better your final product will be.  A few coffee filters can be used to filter but for best results a proper filter like the Buchner funnel and flask in the photo would be best.  Repeat the filtering until you have a crystal clear ethanol solution.  This golden, clear solution holds all the cannabis oil you’re after and now all we need to do is remove the ethanol and claim the oil.


There are many ways to remove the ethanol but the best way is to use the Source Turbo by ExtractCraft ( because it performs the process quickly, under vacuum, at very low temperatures, and most importantly safely in the home.  Simply put the nicely filtered wash into the cup, the cup goes into the machine, and just push the button to separate the ethanol into the glass collection area for reuse.

Allow the process to advance until the concentrate is the consistency of a viscous oil,  stop the unit and remove the cup.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 6.09.58 PM

Removing the oil can be a sticky ordeal so you need to be ready with a small spatula and a silicone mat to pour it onto and move quickly while the oil is still warm.



With the oil there are many choices of what can be made.  You can leave it as is and make vape cartridges, spread it thinly on a silicone mate to cure into pull and snap, add a little heat for some wax, or put in a vac chamber to make shatter.  Do whatever you want  because you’re the crafter!





4 thoughts on “Best DIY Cannabis Concentrate Smokables With The Source: Quick and Easy Instructions

  1. I really like this article, I have been thinking about purchasing the source by extract craft but have seen some reviews that worry me. It looks great here in your article but i have yet to see a legit video and end product (im interested in making shatter like product) I have seen some videos on youtube but they do not show any detail on the end product. If you have anymore videos, please get back to me as i am really interested in the product. Thank you

    1. Hey Dallas,
      Thanks for checking my stuff out. All of the photos you see on my blogs are the end products of concentrates I have made with the Source. The best video I’ve seen is the review on School of Hard Nugs. I don’t have video mainly because of complexity and I don’t have the time or skill to do a good job editing and such. With the source I have made wax and shatter but I primarily stick to leaving at wax for a few reasons. The potency is the same either way. Shatter takes a bit longer to mess with. The longer you are introducing heat the more terps you lose. You have to keep in mind also that you will not get dispensary type hard shatter (unless you freeze it) but it only takes 2 hours to run 1 oz of cannabis. If you’ve ever blasted BHO and fully purged it you can appreciate how fast 2 hours is. If you have any more questions let me know and good luck making some good smoke!

  2. Have you done any lab testing to check the THC level in the final product? I’d prefer a final product that is vapable, but from the instructions It seems like it comes out as a wax or shatter. Is it possible to leave it in a liquid state?

    1. I know lab testing was done once and came out to 85% total for starting material that was 21% quality flower. Testing isn’t really necessary as there isn’t really anywhere for the THC to escape to. Essentially you get out what you put in as starting material and how carefully you execute the extraction. Use good stuff, make a clean extraction and you will have some powerful stuff.

      As far as using a vape, you can use wax and shatter to vape no problem, and it’s pretty easy to handle. If you are talking about leaving it in a cartridge in liquid form that would require cutting/mixing the oil you make with a suitable carrier. I haven’t gotten to work on that process yet and I’m not sure I’ll bother with it. Wax vape pen tech has gotten really good and I’m a fan of that form.

      I hope this helps. If you have anything else you’d like to know I’d like to hear it. Good luck and have fun crafting

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