Cannabis Medicated Edibles for the Time Challenged and the Lazy


Quick and easy edibles for the Time Challenged or Lazy can be made effortlessly with  decarbed cannabis oil.  Transform any favorite prepared dinner item from the grocery market freezer section, ready made breakfast treat, or desert from a pastry tube into either medication, a party, or both with just a few drops of oil.

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Add cannabis oil to pastry frosting and you have have a great edible!

The cannabis oil I’m referring to is from a highly concentrated oil made from extraction and is significantly more potent than traditional methods of butter and oil infusion.  Infusion is when cannabis is heated in an butter or a carrier oil, like olive oil or coconut oil, for an extended period of time.  As the heated material simmers, the goodness of the cannabis becomes infused into the butter or oil.  Infusion is easily performed on the stove top, in a slow-cooker, or using an infusion device.  Infusion works, but it is not efficient and it leaves you with a large amount of butter or oil that’s much less potent than pure cannabis oil (CO) made by extraction.  The difference is that instead of trying to stuff a large amount of low potency infused butter into recipe you can use just a small amount of very potent CO extract and stretch it into whatever ingredient you wish.  Working with CO extract gives you ultimate control of how you can use cannabis to medicate and simply mix it directly into your chosen medium of pre-prepared gluttony.


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I use the Source Turbo by ExtractCraft ( to do small batch extractions for cooking.  I like this method very much because it’s a food grade ethanol extraction process and the machine is very safe and easy to use.  I can make about 4g of the most potent CO in a couple hours and that’s more than enough for me for a while.  The Source Turbo performs low temp extractions so, to activate the THCA into the psychoactive form of THC, decarboxylation (decarb) must be performed either on the cannabis plant material prior to extraction, in the oven at 250F for 30min, or after the extraction by heating the CO to 250F until small bubbles stop forming.

Perform a normal extraction with the Source and stop the process then the concentrate is in a viscous oil state and remover the CO from the machine.  This CO will be so potent per volume that you will need to stretch it into a carrier to make dosing manageable.  You can mix the CO into butter, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, or whatever will work best and suit the lazy-butt food stuffs you’ll be chowin’ on.  How much carrier should you mix with the CO?  That depends on how you would like to handle your dosing.  If you want it super strong and are not concerned with control of how much medicine you are getting you can use the CO as is.  If you’d like to manage the dosing closer or micro-dose you can stretch it into more carrier oil and experiment with what the right balance is for you.


Finally, lets get to making some lazy grub.  All you have to do is mix the cannabis oil concentrate into cinnamon roll icing from a tube, add it to any canned deliciousness, or incorporate it into a frozen dinner entree.  You can even combine the CO and rice wine vinegar with Japanese sticky rice, put a sausage on it, and wrap with some seaweed.  No need to wait, gobble-gobble and get your creative on!

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4 thoughts on “Cannabis Medicated Edibles for the Time Challenged and the Lazy

  1. Ive been studying RSO and now your site, am a little confused by how long to soak the product in Ever Clear for both rinses one and two, Ive read a few minutes to a couple of days, Can you tell me what the outcome difference is soaked longer vs shorter.
    Thank you!
    Pancreatic Cancer Patient, Chris

    1. Did you happen to have a chance to read my other blog posts? Particularly the RSO/FECO one?

    2. you want to chop it up to roughly popcorn size, then freeze both. first rinse soak for 3 mins, swirling the plant matter (dont shake too much) every minute. the second wash i do for 10, then a third at 15. third is pretty trash but i usually decarb it and bake with it.

      1. You might want to take a look at some of my other posts on QWET, we are doing washes up to 24-hours with dry ice. I’ve found a 3-min is generally too short for getting a decent yield.

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