Cannabis (CBD) Body-Butter With the Source

Organic, Pure, CBD Body-Butter….YES PLEASE!!  Body-butter is a great delivery system for topical ointment, a lovely substitute for massage oil, and fantastic after scrubs.  It is wonderful for delivering CBD to areas that require desired treatment for skin conditions, inflammation, and pain.  Your body will shout with relief.  While the body-butter does have moisturizing benefits it is not meant to act as a lotion and has a slightly different feel to it.  The body-butter has a slightly ‘viscous’ feel to begin with but is quickly and completely absorbed.

I wanted an organic, all natural solution, to replace the chemical laden ingredients of store bought lotions and oils.  I decided to put the Source to work and make a pure skin treatment that contained nothing I couldn’t pronounce.  So here is what I did.


To maximize the effectiveness of my body-butter I tuned it up with CBD from the cannabis plant.  Nothing is more healing than CBD for your skin, and teaming it up with a rich body-butter creates an obvious winner.  There’s no need to worry about smelling like cannabis because it doesn’t.  The other ingredients do a great job masking the cannabis odor.  Additional essential oils can be incorporated for their beneficial healing properties.  I chose to add essential oil from grapefruit peel (Grapefruit Peel Extraction: Crazy Good) that I made for it’s limonene.  Limonene is an anti-inflammatory and thought to combat some forms of cancer.  Other oils you might use are lavender for a calming effect, mint for an uplifting moment or ginger and lemon to add some zoom-zoom to your day.  You are the Master Crafter and can make exactly what suits your needs and preferences.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.51.46 AMCBD can be collected using the Source two ways.  First, a simple extraction of a high CBD
cannabis strain is straight forward and works great.  Alternatively, cannabis material
already extracted once with a ‘quick wash’, can be extracted a second time using a longer and slightly more vigorous wash to produce a heavier CBD and CBN oil.  The first quick-wash collects most of the THC (75-80%) for a head-high, while a second wash, as mentioned, will be heavier in CBD and CBN for a sedate and relaxing feeling.  In the photo, the second wash (left) is obviously more green than the amber colored first quick-wash (right).  Utilizing a second wash is a great way to maximize the hard earned cash used to buy your cannabis or the blood sweat and tears shed to grow it.  For a more complete understanding of the difference between different ‘washing’ results check out this great QWET explanation on SkunkPharm.


I found my favorite body-butter recipe on Healthy Living How To and used it for this demonstration.  The steps are very easy.

Collect Ingredients:

Shea Butter 1/2 cup,  Coconut Oil 1/4 cup,  Jojoba Oil 1/4 cup, and Essential oils you desireScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.51.55 AM


Place Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba oil in a glass bowl or measuring cup.  Insert container into double boiler with water about half way up the glass container’s side.  Heat and stir until contents are melted and combined.  Remove from heat, let cool to room temperature, and place in refrigerator for about 2 hours until contents are firm all the way through.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.16.53 AM

Once the oils have firmed up to a solid state use a mixer to whip until you have a light and fluffy consistency.  Next, add chosen essential oils and incorporate little by little until you achieve the balance most appealing to you.  The original recipe calls for 5-10 drops but I have found I prefer more than that for most essential oils, and substantially more for the CBD content.  Lastly, refrigerate for another hour and…….

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.57.25 AM

Viola, your powers of a Master Oil Crafter are once again confirmed!!!











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    1. Sandra,
      Thanks for your question but unfortunately I think I am going to disappoint you on this one. Quite honestly I eyeball it weighing many different considerations. Strain composition, how much I have, how I want it to smell, how strong I want it, and things like that. I typically start with a small portion of the body butter and whatever I’m making and look for a good balance, then replicate the portions in the rest of the batch.

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