The Source Turbo By ExtractCraft is GREAT with Cannabis and CBD

YES!!!  The Source Turbo is GREAT with Cannabis Extraction!!!

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Watch this video to see the source in action: Extractcraft: Alcohol extraction using the Source Turbo

I have put the Source through the ringer by extracting everything from Cannabis to Grapefruit to aged Oak barrel chips and every result was great.  You can unleash your imagination and include cloves, vanilla, citrus, or any other flavor you can think of together with cannabis and and create something out of this world.  The the process is essentially the same every time with any botanical materials so it is really easy to master.

Most importantly the process uses non-toxic food grade grain alcohol or culinary solvent.

The unfamiliar nature of the process intimidates people, but it shouldn’t.  It is very easy to do with consistent results after just a few test runs.  Using cannabis as the example, there are only a few steps:

  1. ‘Wash’ chosen material with solvent
  2. Strain alcohol ‘Tea’ into cup
  3. Set up the Source machine and start
  4. Monitor and stop when the desired consistency (tincture, wax, shatter) is reached

……….  IT’S THAT EASY!!!


Click here to see all the ExtractCraft extraction demonstration videos: ExtractCraft YouTube Channel

6 thoughts on “The Source Turbo By ExtractCraft is GREAT with Cannabis and CBD

  1. Hello friend, what is the guide for making cannabis tinctures. Is there any good links showing how to do it with The Source? Curious to how many fluid ounces can be made from on 2 ounce batch. Thanks

    1. This depends on how far down you reduce the tincture, the potency you are looking for, and if you will use alcohol base or use a carrier as the base. You can control all of those factors to create whatever you would like.

    1. Decarbing happens through a chemical reaction breaking of the acid component through the application of heat to make the THC molecule small enough to cross the blood/brain barrier. If you are smoking something that is THC-A you are most likely applying enough heat to instantaneously decarb the material. If you are smoking there is no need to decarb.

    1. It works in the machine with no problem, you just have to know the cautions of working with iso and make that decision for yourself

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